Bank/Credit Card Accounts

Bank/Credit Card Accounts

You are strongly advised to keep some of your funds in a jurisdiction other than the one in which you live. The reason is that with the increasing financial crises in most of the developed world, you can expect stricter controls on how much cash you can take out of your country and even send out of your country.

If you need to travel abroad for less expensive medical treatment (as to India for example) or you wish to go on vacation or to visit family overseas, or to take care of business, it would be a definite advantage to have funds parked in a safe bank outside or your country which you can access by bank wire, by Western Union/Money Gram, or at an ATM.

IBCs Now can set up an account for you in the Caribbean or Europe or Asia that can make your life a whole lot more secure.  Please contact us at

Bank & Credit Card Accounts
We can arrange for the opening of Bank Accounts for you in any of the following banks:


  • Belize Bank International
  • Choice Bank Ltd
  • Heritage Bank
  • Atlantic International Bank

 British Virgin Islands

  • First Caribbean International Bank

Cyprus / Tanzania

  • FBME Bank


  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Hang-Seng Bank
  • HSBC

  • Rietumu Bank


  • ABC Banking Corporation
  • Bank One Limited
  • Banque Mascareignes
  • Afrasia Bank
  • Bank of Baroda Offshore
  • Investec Bank
  • MCB (Mauritius Merchant Bank)
  • Bramer Bank


  • Barclays Bank (Seychelles) Ltd
  • BMI Offshore Bank
  • MCM (Mauritius Merchant Bank)

  • OCBC Bank

St. Lucia

  • Bank of St. Lucia International Ltd

St Vincent and the Grenadines:

  • Euro Pacific Bank

 Loyal Bank

  • B2B Bank Limited


  • CIM Banque