Asset Management

There may be temporary upticks in the economies of developed countries, but it is in the emerging markets that sustainable growth is taking place. There are prospects for growth in the economies of Europe and America, due to development of new technologies for extracting oil and gas from the earth and the development of technologies that use grapheme, beryllium vanadium and other rare metals, but any globally minded person knows that it is wisdom to internationalize his/her investments. We are interested in pointing out opportunities to our customers so that they can internationalize their investments while keeping their risks to a minimum.

We are particularly interested in providing our mature clients with information about investments that pay dividends, so that they can have income during the years ahead when it may become difficult, if not impossible to maintain a comfortable standard of living by depending on private and/or state sponsored pensions. We are particularly interested in introducing clients to the best performing currencies in the world, so that they can diversify out of those that will inevitably lose their purchasing power. Particular attention will be given to investments in gold and silver, ways of obtaining them and storing them in safe jurisdictions.We are not an investment management company and will not receive money from clients or manage investments for anyone, but will recommend reputable companies that have a track record in managing such investments.

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