We are an international Service Provider. We arrange for the incorporation of International Business Companies (IBCs) in the most desirable jurisdictions around the world. We do so through a network of highly trained and experienced Registered Agents in the best available jurisdictions. The process is both reliable and fast.

Abaco Formation, Worldwide Incorporation Services

It is completely legal to have an International Business Company (IBC), Limited Liability Company (LLC), trust, foundation, bank accounts and credit card accounts. You cannot be sued or prosecuted for simply owning any of these. You may own any or all of them without fear or guilt. Tax avoidance is legal, while tax evasion is not. You have a personal responsibility to legally avoid paying any more in taxes than is necessary under the law. So said Judge Learned Hand.
Tax avoidance means doing all that is legitimate to minimize the tax you pay
Tax evasion means doing what is not permitted by the law in order to escape paying taxes due.

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